Cervical Pillow – 1 out of every 3 people gripe about acute neck pain, the first thing in the morning, and this muscle soreness usually persists throughout the day. There can be tons of reasons behind this. The most common ones are: 

  • Poor posture while sleeping
  • Getting exposed to cold wind
  • Working in front of a computer, tablet, or phone for extensive hours
  • Straining of neck muscles due to workout or playing sports

Acute neck pain might take about a day or two to go away. In more serious cases, it can take longer, say, around 2 to 3 weeks. Anything beyond this is a clear indication that the neck muscles have incurred considerable damage due to continual straining. Then the condition is labeled as Chronic neck pain which can lead to several health hazards. The use of a cervical neck pillow might help to make the pain vanish to a certain extent.

In the majority of cases, stiffness in the neck is caused by poor sleep position and the type of pillow in use. The pillow is supposed to support both the head and the neck while sleeping. There is more to it than just comfort when choosing a pillow. The pillow should be designed in such a way that it keeps the head and the spine in alignment by giving support to the neck. The goal is to keep them in a neutral position. 

People with regular complaints of neck stiffness after waking up can benefit a great deal by using cervical pillows. One should consider the following things to ensure making the right choice when it comes to purchasing a cervical pillow.


There’s a lot of variety when it comes to pillows in general.  Knowledge of the different types is useful in clearing questions about how to use cervical pillows efficiently. The key to purchasing the best one for neck pain depends upon:

  • The firmness of the cervical pillow
    If the pillow is too firm then it will provide greater resistance to the neck muscles while sleeping. If it is too soft, then the head might sink and the pillow will get flattened out eventually. Therefore a pillow with optimum firmness should be chosen for sleeping peacefully.
  • Height of the cervical pillow
    The correct elevation of the head is crucial for keeping the spinal straight. Usually, cervical pillows come with multiple height options.
  • The shape of the cervical pillow
    Cervical pillows come in a lot of shapes and sizes. The most beneficial ones are roll-shaped neck pillows, D-type pillows with a D-shaped indentation in the center for resting the head, Contoured pillows with latitudinal indentations for resting the head, and horse-shoe shaped pillows.
  • The material used for manufacturing the pillow
    The material used for making the cervical pillow also plays an important role in determining its efficiency. Choosing the right material ensures comfort for a good night’s sleep. Some materials which help in absorbing heat are synthetics, cotton, down, and memory foam. The fabric should be breathable to prevent sweating.



Also, it is better to take the usual sleeping position of the individual before heading out to buy a cervical neck pillow. The pillows suited for the most common sleeping positions are as follows

  • Sleeping on the back:
    This is the best sleeping position if one intends to prevent neck pain and backaches. A normal cervical pillow to support the curvature of the neck is good enough in this case
  • Sleeping on the side:
    In this case, a pillow with a greater height is recommended which will be able to support and maintain the spine and neck alignment.
  • Sleeping on the stomach:
    Here, the nerves in the neck get pressurized due to twisting. A thin pillow is recommended to reduce the odd angle between the neck and the rest of the body while sleeping.
  • Sleeping upright:
    This is a common practice amongst pregnant women. In this case, a horseshoe-shaped travel pillow might provide support to the neck. Additionally, pillows against the lower back will help relieve back pain


Long term use of cervical pillows is said to have few major benefits, namely:

  • Improves sleeping posture.
  • Provides relief to aching muscles of the neck and back, therefore, improving quality of sleep
  • Improves blood circulation to head


According to several surveys carried out in past years, the effectiveness of a cervical neck pillow is inconclusive. Sleeping positions of people do keep changing throughout the night and it is not always possible to be mindful of it. 

Neck stiffness, as mentioned before, is not the result of poor quality pillows or bad sleeping posture. So we must also take precautions like spending less time hunching in front of our computer screens and smartphones and maybe train under an instructor’s supervision while lifting heavy weights at the gym.

In the case of chronic neck pain, the use of a cervical pillow might just solve the problem. It’s worth a try.

ayurvedic treatment for cervical

Ayurvedic Cervical Treatment

Ayurvedic Treatment For Cervical – Cervical disorders are of major concern these days. If the patient is suffering from cervical disorders, the health, as well as the normal routine, will be impaired since it limits the normal movement of the body.
These days, the cervical health of people has been deteriorating due to the hi-tech era where everything has upgraded and the latest technologies are into use.
Right from the start of your daily chores to your job including your children’s education, everything involves the use of screens and technology that may affect your health. 

In this regard, it usually affects the cervical health of an individual. Vedas Cure is constantly working in this aspect to improve the cervical health of people naturally. To treat cervical-related disorders, allopathic medicine provides a temporary cure but the long-term cure is not achieved.

Once you stop using the medication, the symptoms relapse and make the condition severe.
Vedas cure offers a combination of treatments to cure cervical disorders. It treats the condition from the root cause and leads to complete recovery.



  • It is the herbal formulation that is used in the treatment of cervical disorders
  • All the ingredients used in this formulation are 100% ayurvedic.
  • It helps improve the posture and gait of the patient.
  • Ortho care is indicated in cervical disorders that are chronic in nature. 
  • It also treats cervical disorders in patients who are suffering it for many years.
  • Usually, the elderly population becomes resistant to medication like pain killers and anti-biotic. 
  • This ORTHO CARE formulation of Vedas cure also treats the elderly population as well. It is indicated for the young generation too.
  • It provides relief to the symptoms and improves cervical health. 


  • Mahayograj guggulu is ayurvedic composition incorporated with all the beneficial herbs and medicaments that are proven to be effective in the treatment and management of cervical and other bone-related disorders.
  • It has no major side effects or adverse drug reactions associated with it. The natural composition rather has side benefits.
  • It is used in the treatment of backache. It treats all types of backache. Be it muscular pain or bone-related pain. 
  • This is used in the treatment of neck stiffness. It reduces the swelling (inflammation) in the cervical joints.
  • Mahayograj guggulu is used to improve the movement of the neck and cervical bones. 
  • It helps normalize the quality of life for people suffering with cervical disorders. In cervical disorder patient, the quality of life is compromised as the body movement gets compromised.
  • Mahayograj guggulu is safe to use for a long period of time as well (that is it can be used in chronic conditions for an extended period of time).


  • Ekaangveer Ras is highly beneficial for the treatment of cervical spondylosis.
  • Ekaangveer Ras has all the natural ingredients derived from Mother Nature that help subside the symptoms of cervical disorders.
  • It provides the body with all the essential nutrients and micro-nutrients that are necessary for the blood circulation.
  • Ekaangveer Ras acts by improving the blood circulation in the cervical region that in turn improves the mobility of the patient.
  • It helps reduce the inflammation and pain in the cervical region.
  • It normalizes the posture and movement of the patients suffering with any of the cervical disorders.
  • Ekaangveer Ras has natural ingredients that possess anti-emetic properties.
  • Cervical disorders are generally associated with nausea and vomiting. Ekaangveer Ras helps to treat nausea and vomiting in cervical disorders. 
  • It can be used for people of any age and irrespective of any gender. It will be beneficial for all the cervical patients.


  • This is indicated for the local application around the cervical region.
  • It reduces the swelling redness in the affected area.
  • A light massage using ORTHO MALISH help to improve cervical disorders. 
  • Take a small quantity in your palms and rub on the affected area using your fingers and palms.
  • Leave the oil overnight on the applied site and wash it off in the morning.
  • Cover the affected site with warm water after massaging with Ortho Malish.

Using all the above products of  Vedas cure helps to treat and manage the symptoms of cervical disorders.

At Vedas cure, along with the use of herbal formulation ayurvedic doctors advise exercise that benefits the cervical health.


  • Perform the exercise in an open environment that has abundant oxygen.
  • Spare some time every day to perform the exercise to maintain good health.
  • Do not perform aggressive exercises that may worsen the symptoms.


Sit on the floor on your yoga mat and keep your legs folded cross. Slowly move you head towards the right side (that is towards you right shoulder) and then take you head towards left side (that is towards your left shoulder). Repeat this for 10 times. 


Sit on the yoga mat and close your eyes. Rotate your head slowly in the clockwise direction and then rotate back in the anti-clockwise direction. Repeat this for 10 times. Do not perform this exercise very fast as it may cause nausea or vomiting sensation.

Perform these exercises regularly along with using the prescribed medications for fast and better results.



home remedies for cervical pain

Home Remedies For Cervical Treatment

Home Remedies For Cervical Pain – Cervical spondylosis often leads to the weakening of the vertebrae as well as the ligaments of the neck or your spine. The vertebral discs become thin and our bones lose the ability to overcome shocks and thus the symptoms of cervical pain start appearing. The joints of the neck become swollen and affect the connected nerve roots and thus you may feel severe pain in your limbs as well. Many patients often face a problem of lack of coordination and sensitivity in their legs and cannot walk properly. This problem arises as you grow old. It has been estimated that amongst the entire population almost 80% of the people face the problem of cervical pain as they reach the 50-60s of their life span.

Cervical pain can be a bit difficult sometimes but with the help of the following Best home remedies for cervical pain, you can easily get relief and lessen the pain in a short span of time.

 Best Home Remedies For Cervical Pain

  • Include a little exercise in your daily life:
    A regular and scheduled exercise in your daily routine can easily help you get rid of the long-existing cervical pain. It helps reduce the stiffness caused in your neck and adjoining areas as shoulders. You can try doing exercises like brisk walking, a bit of swimming, cycling and hitting the gymnasium may help surely. Cervical spondylosis arises mostly when you don’t practice the right posture. And it can restrict the movement of your joints and muscles as well. Herein, comes the role of exercise.
    Exercise helps to strengthen the cervical muscles and helps them move in a flexible manner. You can try some simple exercises listed below which can ease the existing symptoms of spondylosis:
  • Stretching the neck:
    Keep your body in the right posture. Then you have to keep your chin such that it helps in stretching your throat and thus helps in giving a soft stretch to your neck muscles. Now stay in this posture for around ten seconds and then bring your head pack to the central position. Then tilt your head a little back keeping your chin high and stay in this position for ten seconds again. Repeat the similar exercise around five to ten times.
  • Neck bending:
    In this exercise, you have to bend your head forwards such that your chin rests on your chest. Now stretch your neck muscles softly and stay in this position for around ten seconds. Now bring your back towards the neutral state again. Repeat this exercise around five to ten times and relax
  • Bending your neck sideways:
    In this exercise, you have to bend your head towards your shoulder sideways in line with your ear. Then stretch your cervical muscles a bit and stay in this position for around ten seconds. Then bring back your head towards the central position and again repeat the same exercise on the other side and repeat again five to ten times.
    These kinds of exercises help in bringing the impact of the cervical pain to a normal range and will lessen the stiffness. But they won’t give you a permanent cure for spondylosis.
  • Application of hot-cold compress packs:
    The doctors often advise the patients to apply hot as well as cold compression packs on the areas with intense cervical pain. The hot compression packs help in relaxing the muscles which have become sore and improve blood circulation. On the other hand, the cold compression packs help in reducing the inflammation in the cervical region.
  • Garlic- a perfect remedy:
    It gives astonishing results as it possesses analgesic as well anti-inflammatory characteristics and thus helps to relieve cervical pain to some extent. Thus usage of garlic in your daily diet is advised
  • Turmeric usage:
    The age-old formula of using turmeric is often recommended when you are experiencing cervical pain. It is believed t to be helpful in increasing the flow of blood in our body. This in turn helps in relaxing the stiff muscles and eases the pain. You can mix turmeric with milk and a little honey and drink it at least twice daily on a regular basis.
  • Using sesame seeds:
    Sesame seeds possess nutrients like calcium and zinc and essential vitamins (K, D). They also have a unique blend of manganese, phosphorus, and magnesium known as trace elements and thus helps you to restore your bones and improve your overall health. This help in lessening the cervical pain.
  • Using ginger in your daily diet:
    Experts often recommend the use of ginger in your daily life as it is believed to be possessing anti-inflammatory characteristics as well as helps in a constant blood flow in your body. Thus indirectly helps in relieving you from cervical pain.
  • Vinegar:
    According to expert opinion, it has been found that apple cider vinegar can be a perfect remedy for cervical pain as it also helps to reduce cervical inflammation and eases pain in the neck region.
  • Neem also helps:
    The age-old neem tree is a perfect solution for cervical pain as it possesses properties that can suppress inflammation and also reduce the pain to some extent.

Apart from the above-listed remedies, it is often advised that one should take proper sleep and retain the right posture while working on the desk or anywhere else. One should also avoid a lot of fatty and spicy foodstuffs as well as excessive use of curd, caffeine, and sugar in your daily routine. Smoking affects the condition worse, so it is better to quit smoking. Also, avoid taking a high protein diet.

cervical pain

Cervical Pain Symptoms And Treatment

Cervical Pain 

Cervical pain is a common condition experienced by older people. In medical terms, it is referred to as ‘Cervical spondylosis’ which affects the body’s discs or joints leading to the neck, basically, the cervical spine. It is also called cervical osteoarthritis or neck arthritis.

As people age, several changes occur in their bones and cartilages. They loose their strength due to the constant wear and tear that the bones go through, in a person’s lifetime. While cervical pain is a result of growing age, and can be found in almost 90% people aged 60 and above, it is also seen in some adults as well.

The intensity of pain felt by people suffering from this condition can vary. Some people might experience mild pain, which would surface for short time and then go away. Other people might experience severe pain and stiffness near their neck area . People suffering from cervical pain can indulge in daily routine activities, but with discomfort and difficulty.

Causes Of Cervical Pain

  1. The body can overgrow an extra bone to lend strength to the spine. However, this extra bone would rub against fragile areas like spinal nerves and spinal cord . This is called ‘Bone Spurs’.
  2. With growing age, spinal discs become weak , developing cracks. It can lead to leakage of the liquid contained in them. This liquid  pressurizes the spinal cord which causes numbness in arms. This is also called ‘Herniated Discs’.
  3. Sometimes the spinal disc fluid  dries up, causing friction between spinal nerves and spinal cord. This is called ‘dehydrated spinal discs’.
  4. Also, some people engage in heavy physical activities, sit for long hours, or suffer an injury that might cause cervical pain. 

Symptoms of Cervical Pain

People having cervical pain usually experience mild to severe pain in the neck and shoulder region depending on the seriousness of the condition. The following are some of the other symptoms associated with cervical pain.

  1. Pain can be felt throughout the neck, arm, and shoulder areas, along with pain or numbness in the hand or fingers. This pain might increase when people indulge in intense physical activities or even when they sneeze or with backward neck movement.
  2. Cervical Pain can cause the muscles to loose their strength and become weak. Hence it might become difficult to firmly hold the objects in your hands .
  3. Another common sign is stiffness, experienced in the neck and shoulder area.
  4. It can cause recurring headaches, usually in the backward region of the head.
  5. A feeling of numbness in the hands, legs and also arms.
  6. Sometimes people suffering from this condition loose control over their bowel movements, feel dizzy, and could loose their balance. If this happens, consult a doctor immediately.

Treatments for Cervical Pain

Doctors diagnose cervical osteoarthritis by physical examination of the patient and his movements. Then the doctor would recommend imaging tests and nerve function tests to know the severity of the condition.

The patient would be advised to visit a physiotherapist who would help to stretch his neck and shoulder muscles through physiotherapy and exercises. In severe cases, doctors would prescribe strong drugs like Nerotonin, anti-epileptic drugs, or even Narcotics like Norco. 

Allopathic treatments are helpful, but for conditions like cervical pain which are age-related and could get prolonged, Ayurvedic treatments could provide long-lasting and permanent relief by treating the root cause of the pain. The following natural remedies are quite efficient for the same-

  1. The Vedas Arthritis Joint Pain Care is a complete package which not only targets cervical pain but also other kinds of joint pain like knees, arms, hands, etc. It is a natural constitution of 30 herbs that lend this formula its anti-inflammatory and healing qualities. It also reduces the associated joint swelling and helps get rid of cervical pain permanently.
  2. Mahayograj Guggulu is another Ayurvedic treasure that gets rid of arthritis pain, and rheumatism, and so on. It has numerous other benefits too like regulating weight gain and keeps the digestive system healthy.
  3. The Vaidya Mantra Ortho Care can also be used to treat cervical pain. It contains herbs like Ashwagandha and nut-grass which aid the body’s healing mechanism to provide faster healing and relief from inflammation. It targets muscle spasms, swelling, stiffness, and tender joints. It offers lubrication to the affected area thereby preventing further damage to the cartilage and joints.
  4. Ortho Maalish is an Oil that treats cervical pain and can also be used for other kinds of joint and muscle pain in legs, arms, hands, back etc. It is a formulation of eight herbs with healing qualities which make this oil efficient in treating all kinds of body pain as well.
  5. Ekangveer Ras  by Vedas Cure is the most effective treatment for cervical pain and other chronic diseases like paralysis, hemiplegia, and Parkinson’s disease. It improves blood circulation and boosts the body’s inactive nerves and also makes the nervous system function actively. It treats nausea and dizziness and loss of balance experienced in patients having severe cervical pain. It provides relief from not only pain but also improves the strength of bones and muscles by providing essential nourishment to the body.

What can you do individually to reduce Cervical Pain?

Severe cervical pain requires professional help while mild pain can be dealt by taking certain precautions and keeping your body in constant movement and wearing a neck collar temporarily to prevent further damage to the spinal nerves.


Cervical pain is an age-related condition but due to unhealthy lifestyle practices, this is becoming common in young people as well. It can be easily treated with medications and drugs however exercising regularly, keeping your body in constant movement, eating fibre rich diet can help to avoid this condition from occurring

Diet in cervical

Diet In Cervical


Diet in cervical is very important it really helps to cure the disease faster. The diseases in the human body can be managed by taking proper medication. Diet and lifestyle modification help to manage the symptoms to a major extent.

In cervical diseases, the various foods should be consumed and avoided respectively. Foods that have omega-3-fatty acids are highly beneficial as they are rich in anti-inflammatory properties. Foods like fish and salmon are very beneficial.

Limit the use of alcohol. Alcohol in any form has harmful effects on the body. It expels out the calcium and magnesium from the body. It weakens the bones and makes them fragile.

Avoid smoking as it decreases bone density and makes it weak. Use high calcium-containing foods that help to maintain the calcium in the body.
Vitamin D should
also be taken in the diet as it helps to synthesis calcium internally.

Magnesium is necessary for bone health. Foods like nuts, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables contain high magnesium content. Add anti-oxidants and fiber-rich foods to the diet. It helps to relieve the pain and reduce swelling.

Foods Or Products To Be Avoid While Doing Diet In Cervical :

Packed meals, frozen foods, or processed meals are not suitable for cervical patients. It tends to increase inflammation in the body. Avoid using high-fat dairy products that lead to inflammation in the body. A healthy diet and lifestyle modification are highly recommendable to manage cervical symptoms. Have a check on your diet and perform exercise regularly to manage the disease.

Cervical spondylosis

Cervical spondylosis is the disease of advancing age. It is usually seen in the age group of 40 to 60 years of age. Women are found to suffer with cervical spondylosis on an average higher rate than compared to men. 

There are several etiological factors that contribute to cervical diseases. The most common amongst them is the degenerative factor. 

With advancing age, the calcium stores tend to deplete from the body. Thereby making the bones fragile to break or acquire a new shape. The new shape acquired by the bone does not support the posture and movement of the body.

Cervical spondylosis is associated with severe pain, discomfort, and neck stiffness. It limits the movement of the neck and prevents smooth rotation of the head. For some patients, cervical spondylosis causes nausea and vomiting.

To treat the disease, you need to adapt certain changes in your daily habits and improve your life styles. 

You should plan your diet according to the need of the body. By following certain diet changes, you can manage the disease from getting worse.

Dietary Changes To Treat Cervical Spondylosis:

  • In women, who gave birth to children at some point of life have lower levels of calcium. Since the baby acquires calcium and other minerals from the mother, followed by lactation. It depletes calcium from the body.
  • Women should take calcium supplements to normalize their calcium and potassium levels in the body.
  • Include dairy products that contain higher calcium content like milk, cheese, buttermilk, ghee, etc.
  • Water is essential to survive in a healthy condition. Drink a minimum of 5 to 6 liters of water in a day. Keep the flow going, as it carries endotoxins and waste metabolites from the body thereby keeping the bones in a good condition. A dehydrated body causes muscle cramps, nerve stiffness and impairs proper nerve function.
  • Prefer home-cooked food rather than roadside food or processed food. Food prepared at home offers you complete nutrition as it holds nutritional value.
  • Consume fresh fruits that help to gain essential nutrients and vitamins necessary for the bones, arteries, and veins.
  • Avoid caffeinated products and beverages as they are not beneficial for the human health.

Cervical diseases can be properly managed by having regular medications, a nutritious diet, and balancing an active lifestyle.

It not only reduces the symptoms and sufferings but also improves the quality of life.


Top 10 Exercises In Cervical

Exercises to do in Cervical pain is really important. Cervical symptoms and pain can be managed by taking appropriate treatment of the observed symptoms. Along with the treatment, exercise is mandatory. Exercise helps to reduce the symptoms. It also helps to subside severe pain associated with it.

Top 10 exercises for cervical pain that help to manage neck pain:

First, spare some time every day to perform exercises for neck pain. A minimum of 30 minutes is sufficient to perform exercise regularly. Sit on the floor in a relaxing position and perform The exercise. You can use a yoga mat if you have one. If the exercise is carried out in the open air or fresh air it is highly beneficial. It provides fresh oxygen, relaxes the mind and body. Perform exercise twice a day for better results.

  1.  Sit in a relaxing position and rotate your head so that it moves left to right and vice-versa. Close your eyes and turn your head left to right and right to left. Do it 5 to 10 times.
  2.  Close your eyes and incline your head upwards and then take it downwards. Perform this exercise slow and steadily.
  3. Rotate your head in a clockwise direction and then in an anti-clockwise direction. Repeat in 8 to 10 times.
  4. Avoid performing vigorous exercises that aggravate the condition.
  5. Avoid using the sewing machine as it exerts pressure on the neck region.
  6. Limit the household chores like brooming or mopping.
  7. Limit the use of laptops or screens continuously for a long period of time.
  8. Use a cervical collar to give support to the neck and the cervical region.
  9. While sleeping, use a specialized cervical pillow that provides support and comfort to the neck region.
  10. While traveling via local transport, it may aggravate the pain and worsen the condition. Make a habit of traveling with a cervical collar.
neck pain

Neck Pain Because Of Cervical

Neck Pain Because Of Cervical vertebrae is crucial to maintaining the body structure and posture. Deformation or wearing off on these miniature bones causes compromised health of the patient.

In various cervical diseases, neck pain is the most common symptom. It is associated with the majority of neck diseases. The total weight of the skull and brain is dependent on the atlas and axis. To carry out their function, these miniature bones should be in a good condition.

Neck pain in the cervical region can be limited to the neck region. In some cases, the pain radiates from the neck to the arms and reaches the hands. It limits the activity and impairs the quality of life. At times, neck pain is also associated with vomiting and nausea.

Various reasons for neck pain in the cervical region:

  • In spondylosis, the vertebrae get worn off. It leads to nausea and severe neck pain. It gets worsen upon exertion or physical stress. It is seen in both men and women. It is exaggerated in women performing household chores like brooming, dusting high above the walls that exert pressure on the cervical region. Continuous stitching clothes using a sewing machine exaggerates the neck pain in the cervical region.

In men, it is most commonly seen in the corporate sector. Using the laptop or computer screen for a long period of time causes physical exertion on the neck and aggravates severe neck pain.

  • In cervical stenosis, the spinal canal tends to compress the nerves and the arteries. This leads to severe neck pain.
  • Degenerative disc disease, cervical herniated disc, cervical lordosis, cervical lymphadenopathy are the common cervical disorders that aggravate neck pain.