Cervical Pain Symptoms And Treatment

cervical pain

Cervical Pain 

Cervical pain is a common condition experienced by older people. In medical terms, it is referred to as ‘Cervical spondylosis’ which affects the body’s discs or joints leading to the neck, basically, the cervical spine. It is also called cervical osteoarthritis or neck arthritis.

As people age, several changes occur in their bones and cartilages. They loose their strength due to the constant wear and tear that the bones go through, in a person’s lifetime. While cervical pain is a result of growing age, and can be found in almost 90% people aged 60 and above, it is also seen in some adults as well.

The intensity of pain felt by people suffering from this condition can vary. Some people might experience mild pain, which would surface for short time and then go away. Other people might experience severe pain and stiffness near their neck area . People suffering from cervical pain can indulge in daily routine activities, but with discomfort and difficulty.

Causes Of Cervical Pain

  1. The body can overgrow an extra bone to lend strength to the spine. However, this extra bone would rub against fragile areas like spinal nerves and spinal cord . This is called ‘Bone Spurs’.
  2. With growing age, spinal discs become weak , developing cracks. It can lead to leakage of the liquid contained in them. This liquid  pressurizes the spinal cord which causes numbness in arms. This is also called ‘Herniated Discs’.
  3. Sometimes the spinal disc fluid  dries up, causing friction between spinal nerves and spinal cord. This is called ‘dehydrated spinal discs’.
  4. Also, some people engage in heavy physical activities, sit for long hours, or suffer an injury that might cause cervical pain. 

Symptoms of Cervical Pain

People having cervical pain usually experience mild to severe pain in the neck and shoulder region depending on the seriousness of the condition. The following are some of the other symptoms associated with cervical pain.

  1. Pain can be felt throughout the neck, arm, and shoulder areas, along with pain or numbness in the hand or fingers. This pain might increase when people indulge in intense physical activities or even when they sneeze or with backward neck movement.
  2. Cervical Pain can cause the muscles to loose their strength and become weak. Hence it might become difficult to firmly hold the objects in your hands .
  3. Another common sign is stiffness, experienced in the neck and shoulder area.
  4. It can cause recurring headaches, usually in the backward region of the head.
  5. A feeling of numbness in the hands, legs and also arms.
  6. Sometimes people suffering from this condition loose control over their bowel movements, feel dizzy, and could loose their balance. If this happens, consult a doctor immediately.

Treatments for Cervical Pain

Doctors diagnose cervical osteoarthritis by physical examination of the patient and his movements. Then the doctor would recommend imaging tests and nerve function tests to know the severity of the condition.

The patient would be advised to visit a physiotherapist who would help to stretch his neck and shoulder muscles through physiotherapy and exercises. In severe cases, doctors would prescribe strong drugs like Nerotonin, anti-epileptic drugs, or even Narcotics like Norco. 

Allopathic treatments are helpful, but for conditions like cervical pain which are age-related and could get prolonged, Ayurvedic treatments could provide long-lasting and permanent relief by treating the root cause of the pain. The following natural remedies are quite efficient for the same-

  1. The Vedas Arthritis Joint Pain Care is a complete package which not only targets cervical pain but also other kinds of joint pain like knees, arms, hands, etc. It is a natural constitution of 30 herbs that lend this formula its anti-inflammatory and healing qualities. It also reduces the associated joint swelling and helps get rid of cervical pain permanently.
  2. Mahayograj Guggulu is another Ayurvedic treasure that gets rid of arthritis pain, and rheumatism, and so on. It has numerous other benefits too like regulating weight gain and keeps the digestive system healthy.
  3. The Vaidya Mantra Ortho Care can also be used to treat cervical pain. It contains herbs like Ashwagandha and nut-grass which aid the body’s healing mechanism to provide faster healing and relief from inflammation. It targets muscle spasms, swelling, stiffness, and tender joints. It offers lubrication to the affected area thereby preventing further damage to the cartilage and joints.
  4. Ortho Maalish is an Oil that treats cervical pain and can also be used for other kinds of joint and muscle pain in legs, arms, hands, back etc. It is a formulation of eight herbs with healing qualities which make this oil efficient in treating all kinds of body pain as well.
  5. Ekangveer Ras  by Vedas Cure is the most effective treatment for cervical pain and other chronic diseases like paralysis, hemiplegia, and Parkinson’s disease. It improves blood circulation and boosts the body’s inactive nerves and also makes the nervous system function actively. It treats nausea and dizziness and loss of balance experienced in patients having severe cervical pain. It provides relief from not only pain but also improves the strength of bones and muscles by providing essential nourishment to the body.

What can you do individually to reduce Cervical Pain?

Severe cervical pain requires professional help while mild pain can be dealt by taking certain precautions and keeping your body in constant movement and wearing a neck collar temporarily to prevent further damage to the spinal nerves.


Cervical pain is an age-related condition but due to unhealthy lifestyle practices, this is becoming common in young people as well. It can be easily treated with medications and drugs however exercising regularly, keeping your body in constant movement, eating fibre rich diet can help to avoid this condition from occurring

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