10 Exercises that can give out surprising results in your cervical spondylosis treatment: Know all of them here.


Cervical Spondylosis Exercises – “Sit straight otherwise it will be a problem when you are old.” We have often heard this while sitting in a comfortable but bad posture. Especially in today’s time when we are all working/studying from home. Sitting in front of our screens has made us be in questionable postures for several hours at a stretch. But we do have certain cervical spondylosis exercises to help you out, just in case you ever need it.


Cervical Spondylosis or arthritis of the neck is damage or degeneration of spinal disks. It is extremely common and elevates or worsens with age. The cervical spine refers to the seven small vertebrae that together, form the neck. They arise from the bottom or foundation of the skull


  • Back pain
  • Thigh pain that increases if one stands
  • Pain in the neck
  • Pain in the shoulders 
  • Muscular weakness 
  • Headache 
  • Stiffness in the neck region or below
  • Needles like sensation



There are physiotherapy exercises for cervical spondylosis, medication, surgery, self-care rituals, and several exercises for cervical spondylosis that you could do at home.

    1. Hot water bottle 
    2. Ice-pack
    1. Ibuprofen 
    2. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug
    3. Relaxant for muscles 
    4. Steroid 
    5. Anesthetic 
  • SURGERY: Surgeries are way more advanced in today’s times. There are surgeries to correct abnormalities of the spine, removal of the problematic part, repair of the disk, pressure releasing, and many more related surgeries to cause long-lasting relief.
  • EXERCISES: This one seems to be a little more important than others only because it is something meant for all. Medication or surgeries cannot be for everyone because they all have side effects and risks. Exercises could be a choice for every person. 

 There are several exercises specific to the neck and shoulders that have proven to be helpful for several people.


Exercises are not only a safer and an easier option, but also, with consistency, might improve the condition of your body. 

  • NECK STRETCH (FORWARD) This exercise is meant to tense and relax your neck muscles in the forward direction. Sit with your back straight and pull your chin forward in a way that it would stretch your throat, hold that position for a few seconds and then relax. 
  • NECK TOUCH DOWN For this exercise, the chin is supposed to touch the area between your chest and collar bone and that posture would remain for a few seconds then you could relax your muscles again.
  • NECK BENDING (SIDES) For this exercise you are required to gently touch your ear to your shoulder, hold that position and then relax after a few seconds. 
  • NECK TURNING (SIDE-BY-SIDE) This is probably familiar to most of you, all thanks to P.T. classes in school. Turn your neck to both sides, as far as it seems comfortable, and then gently return. For this, the chin is preferably parallel to the shoulder.
  • NECK RETRACTIONLaying on a flat rigid surface (without a pillow or any other support) could prove extremely beneficial. Slightly pushing your chin, pressurizes your neck in the correct straight posture that eventually helps. 
  • STRAIGHTENING POSTURE (USING A CHAIR) Sitting straight on a chair (preferably one without back support) and your legs comfortably on the floor being a little apart would also help with correcting the neck-related issues and decrease the pain if done consistently. 
  • RAISING A LEG If you already tried the last exercise, this one just needs a slight change. In the same, straight seated posture, raise one leg completely parallel to the floor. It is fine if you cannot hold it or raise it completely parallel on the first attempt, give it time and practice. 
  • SHOULDER RETRACTIONThis also requires you to sit straight on a chair and place your hands on your waist, making a 90 degrees angle at the elbow. After this, try bringing both your elbows towards each other as much as you could, hold it and relax.
  • RETRACTION USING A TOWEL This is similar to the neck turning exercise but adding a towel could help even more by adding the pressure to the right area. Just put a towel or any cloth around your neck like a scarf and stretch both its ends to insert pressure at the back of your neck and then turn your head.
  • NECK ROTATION Gently rotating your head also helps with tensing and relaxing your muscles in every direction and strengthens your muscles. 



Exercises have been the most common new-year resolution because it has never-ending benefits over your health. Cervical spondylosis vertigo exercises in specific could be done by anyone to prevent or ease spondylosis. Whenever your days allow, squeeze in the exercise routine as it has never-ending benefits. 

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