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home remedies for cervical pain

Home Remedies For Cervical Pain – Cervical spondylosis often leads to the weakening of the vertebrae as well as the ligaments of the neck or your spine. The vertebral discs become thin and our bones lose the ability to overcome shocks and thus the symptoms of cervical pain start appearing. The joints of the neck become swollen and affect the connected nerve roots and thus you may feel severe pain in your limbs as well. Many patients often face a problem of lack of coordination and sensitivity in their legs and cannot walk properly. This problem arises as you grow old. It has been estimated that amongst the entire population almost 80% of the people face the problem of cervical pain as they reach the 50-60s of their life span.

Cervical pain can be a bit difficult sometimes but with the help of the following Best home remedies for cervical pain, you can easily get relief and lessen the pain in a short span of time.

 Best Home Remedies For Cervical Pain

  • Include a little exercise in your daily life:
    A regular and scheduled exercise in your daily routine can easily help you get rid of the long-existing cervical pain. It helps reduce the stiffness caused in your neck and adjoining areas as shoulders. You can try doing exercises like brisk walking, a bit of swimming, cycling and hitting the gymnasium may help surely. Cervical spondylosis arises mostly when you don’t practice the right posture. And it can restrict the movement of your joints and muscles as well. Herein, comes the role of exercise.
    Exercise helps to strengthen the cervical muscles and helps them move in a flexible manner. You can try some simple exercises listed below which can ease the existing symptoms of spondylosis:
  • Stretching the neck:
    Keep your body in the right posture. Then you have to keep your chin such that it helps in stretching your throat and thus helps in giving a soft stretch to your neck muscles. Now stay in this posture for around ten seconds and then bring your head pack to the central position. Then tilt your head a little back keeping your chin high and stay in this position for ten seconds again. Repeat the similar exercise around five to ten times.
  • Neck bending:
    In this exercise, you have to bend your head forwards such that your chin rests on your chest. Now stretch your neck muscles softly and stay in this position for around ten seconds. Now bring your back towards the neutral state again. Repeat this exercise around five to ten times and relax
  • Bending your neck sideways:
    In this exercise, you have to bend your head towards your shoulder sideways in line with your ear. Then stretch your cervical muscles a bit and stay in this position for around ten seconds. Then bring back your head towards the central position and again repeat the same exercise on the other side and repeat again five to ten times.
    These kinds of exercises help in bringing the impact of the cervical pain to a normal range and will lessen the stiffness. But they won’t give you a permanent cure for spondylosis.
  • Application of hot-cold compress packs:
    The doctors often advise the patients to apply hot as well as cold compression packs on the areas with intense cervical pain. The hot compression packs help in relaxing the muscles which have become sore and improve blood circulation. On the other hand, the cold compression packs help in reducing the inflammation in the cervical region.
  • Garlic- a perfect remedy:
    It gives astonishing results as it possesses analgesic as well anti-inflammatory characteristics and thus helps to relieve cervical pain to some extent. Thus usage of garlic in your daily diet is advised
  • Turmeric usage:
    The age-old formula of using turmeric is often recommended when you are experiencing cervical pain. It is believed t to be helpful in increasing the flow of blood in our body. This in turn helps in relaxing the stiff muscles and eases the pain. You can mix turmeric with milk and a little honey and drink it at least twice daily on a regular basis.
  • Using sesame seeds:
    Sesame seeds possess nutrients like calcium and zinc and essential vitamins (K, D). They also have a unique blend of manganese, phosphorus, and magnesium known as trace elements and thus helps you to restore your bones and improve your overall health. This help in lessening the cervical pain.
  • Using ginger in your daily diet:
    Experts often recommend the use of ginger in your daily life as it is believed to be possessing anti-inflammatory characteristics as well as helps in a constant blood flow in your body. Thus indirectly helps in relieving you from cervical pain.
  • Vinegar:
    According to expert opinion, it has been found that apple cider vinegar can be a perfect remedy for cervical pain as it also helps to reduce cervical inflammation and eases pain in the neck region.
  • Neem also helps:
    The age-old neem tree is a perfect solution for cervical pain as it possesses properties that can suppress inflammation and also reduce the pain to some extent.

Apart from the above-listed remedies, it is often advised that one should take proper sleep and retain the right posture while working on the desk or anywhere else. One should also avoid a lot of fatty and spicy foodstuffs as well as excessive use of curd, caffeine, and sugar in your daily routine. Smoking affects the condition worse, so it is better to quit smoking. Also, avoid taking a high protein diet.

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