Neck Pain Because Of Cervical

neck pain

Neck Pain Because Of Cervical vertebrae is crucial to maintaining the body structure and posture. Deformation or wearing off on these miniature bones causes compromised health of the patient.

In various cervical diseases, neck pain is the most common symptom. It is associated with the majority of neck diseases. The total weight of the skull and brain is dependent on the atlas and axis. To carry out their function, these miniature bones should be in a good condition.

Neck pain in the cervical region can be limited to the neck region. In some cases, the pain radiates from the neck to the arms and reaches the hands. It limits the activity and impairs the quality of life. At times, neck pain is also associated with vomiting and nausea.

Various reasons for neck pain in the cervical region:

  • In spondylosis, the vertebrae get worn off. It leads to nausea and severe neck pain. It gets worsen upon exertion or physical stress. It is seen in both men and women. It is exaggerated in women performing household chores like brooming, dusting high above the walls that exert pressure on the cervical region. Continuous stitching clothes using a sewing machine exaggerates the neck pain in the cervical region.

In men, it is most commonly seen in the corporate sector. Using the laptop or computer screen for a long period of time causes physical exertion on the neck and aggravates severe neck pain.

  • In cervical stenosis, the spinal canal tends to compress the nerves and the arteries. This leads to severe neck pain.
  • Degenerative disc disease, cervical herniated disc, cervical lordosis, cervical lymphadenopathy are the common cervical disorders that aggravate neck pain.

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